Lest We Forget
*winner of an Alex Award of the American Library Association (ALA)
*winner of a Literary Honor Award for Non-fiction by the Black Caucus of the ALA (1998)
*selected by Essence magazine as a time-treasured gift item (December 1999)

Velma Maia Thomas, the developer of the Black Holocaust Exhibit, has written a passionate yet brief account of slavery in America. Lest We Forget is packaged to mimic a multimedia exhibit: pages fold out, pop up, and often contain three-dimensional objects, such as an envelope that opens to reveal a facsimile of a receipt for a slave named Francis. The production techniques may make Lest We Forget look like a children's book, but the text offers a serious, moving depiction of how slaves lived before emancipation.

This richly designed historical document is an ingenious, interactive, three-dimensional experience that dramatically addresses the painful history of America and the slave trade. Based on the Black Holocaust Exhibit, Lest We Forget is history brought to life by Velma Maia Thomas, curator. Accompanying the book's documents, Thomas' exquisite prose is interwoven with the moving words of slaves themselves.
Freedom's Children
I just want to thank you for producing a wonderfully informative book titled Freedom's Children. It is both illustratively appealing to the eye and educational for young people as well as adults. Keep up the good work!


G. Toussaint Robinson
Howard University
Class of 1991

Hello.My name is PAUL GELMAN and I have just finished reading your book:FREEDOM'S CHILDREN. I would like to tell you that I have read many books on the subject,but your book is unique in its message and beauty.As a matter of fact,it is perhaps the best book comprising the period and topic,since it is short,precise and concise.I am a teacher of English, but have also an M.A in history.Though my thesis for the M.A deals with a totally different period and topic:the Cold War- I was always interested in the history of the black slaves in the US.As a matter of course,I took at least 6 long courses dealing with this painful subject,my lecturer being Professor Mechal Sobel from the Haifa University.It is thanks to her when I first learned about the dimensions of this unique catastrophe.And it was not easy for me, because I -as I Jew- worked once as a research assistant in the field of the Holocaust studies-a phenomenon which I -like many others- thought was the worst possible-ever committed crime in history.But slowly and painfully, I changed my mind. I would like to tell you the the worst crime ever committed in history is this of the black slaves in the western world.This is the worst Holocaust indeed.!!!!!
And people like you should be blessed for exposing these monstrous crimes. Please give us more books like this!!!! And I believe that the whole human race should one day apologize to your people,because they deserve it fully. May you and your family know only the best in life and may you enlighten us with more of your knowledge and messages on this topic PAUL

Ms. Thomas,

I am sure you receive too much e-mail to respond, but I had to write you to let you know how much I am in awe of this book.

I was picking up LSAT material at the book store and was about to check-out when I saw the African American History books on a side table. Needless to say I stopped and was drawn to your book. From the moment I picked up your book, I began stopping people that came close enough to show them how incredible and informative this book is!

I love the documents that are inserted within the pages, the give so much realism to the reader. I hope that one day when I have a child, I will be able to see the joy of opening and reading the documents on his/her face!

I almost cried when looking through this book at the amazing truth and history that resides among its pages. I am very interested in Black history and am always trying to uncover more truths I was not taught in the public school system...or by my parents.

I was raised not knowing the true trials and tribulations that those of African descent had and continue to endure. I am of European and Native American descent and was often told that the struggle of Blacks was over-played in the media and not truly an issue. Oh how I learned differently once I began to pass off that ignorance I had been taught to seek the truth!

I tend to fight for people to throw down that ignorance and see the light of truth that is before them. I've had friends and family get irate with me because they say I exagerate or I am brain-washed. It is not me that has been brain-washed, but those around me that refuse to open their eyes and see.

I should get off my soap box, again. I do tend to keep going on about how I think the world needs to awaken and change. One person can start a fire. I just wish I could get more people to see and learn the history. I try to encourage those around me, black, white...all to learn the history before they close the door.

Thank you for your insightful and inspiring book. I will be buying this many more times to give as gifts especially to parents. I feel this will richly bless any child's life...and many others as well. If the children are taught the truth, they will not become ignorant to its light.

I want to change the way people think. One day I will succeed...even if it is one person at a time. I started with me...now NEXT!

Thank you and God Bless,

Beverly Burns
Atlanta, GA